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International specification for in-service data feedback

AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe


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The AIA/ASD S5000F is a joint translatlantic specification development, where both American and European aerospace manufacturers and customers participate, so as to establish a global specification describing the In-Service Data Feedback, which is critical to improve in-service support and the associated products.

S5000F defines the processes, informations and data required to provide in-service data feedback. Though originating mainly from the aerospace domain, S5000F can be applied to any products, whether mobile or not, in the air, land, sea and space domains, both for civilian and military programs.

S5000F is currently published as Issue 3.1 and can be downloaded here.

The following companies and organizations have participated in the development of S5000F:

Should you wish to participate in the S5000F work, please contact us through the AIA or ASD, or contact us through the Contacts page.