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AIA/ASD S5000F Links



This page provides the links to sites associated to the AIA/ASD S5000F specification. Among them are the sponsoring organizations, as well as the sites of the individual specifications that form the family of AIA/ASD S-Series of ILS specifications. You will be able to find such specifications for downloading free of charge from their respective websites.


Sponsoring organizations;

AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe

Aerospace Industries Association



Other S-Series ILS Specifications

SX000i, International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) specifications

S1000D, International specification for technical publications using a common source database

S2000M, International Specification for Materiel Management

S3000L, International specification for Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

S4000P, International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenance

S6000T, Specification for Training


Other links of interest

Overview of the S-Series Suite of ILS Specifications

S-Series Suite of ILS Specification Issue Plan

Change request and commenting site for the S-Series Suite of ILS Specifications



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